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👉Text: 1(909) 374-4693. 👉E-mail/iMessage: 👉Facebook messenger: Joshua WC Austin. 😄 I am doing in attempts to reach out to you all more, trying to facilitate and foster more present, real relationships with you folks. Also to refocus my life and its priorities, Please save this info accordingly and get back to me as well so I can have your info too! 😄 #whatajourneythisisbecoming #whataseasonoflifethisis #newchallengingthinglieahead

Growing in The Lord isn’t about knowing the most or having it all figured out. It’s about recognizing how deeply you need Jesus and letting Him call the shots. If you want to max out your spiritual growth, just honestly tell Jesus, “I am nothing without you. What do you want this to be, and will you help me get there?” That’s as grown as it gets.
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Anonymous asked:

Did your piercing hurt? What the meaning?

No actually, not at all. I have plenty of tattoos and those hurt more this did.

On its meaning, that might be a much longer response. If you are a follower of this blog and actually take the time to read my yammerings, you will know that I have been on quite the journey over the past six months, and the next six months are going to get even more intense. I might one day write in full about some of the things that God has been doing in my life, but to put it simply, He has been in the process of restoring hope and dreams to me, He has been restoring me. So in this next six months more will be required of me, I will be learning to keep my mind on things above and to rest more continuously in my Papa. Internally there will be much transformation going on, but as an external sign of the internal transformation and regeneration in Him, a casting aside of my reputation and dying to self, I decided to get the piercing, and soon I will be dreading my hair as well. these drastic external changes to my physical appearance are the symbol of the intense internal dialogue and submission to God’s love going on inside of me. I am also praying now about further changing my diet as apart of this all, but that can be saved for another time.

I hope that is clear to understand, let me know if you have any other questions, I am also always here to listen if ya need me, just stop on by! thanks for asking the question!

much love and gratitude, Joshua.

Rode my #bicycle out to #Claremont today to hang out with @liveonlyforlove at #TheLastDrop, such a long time coming, I missed my #bestfriend. I also got to see the awesome and encouraging @rorhinna walked around down town for a bit after and got myself some #matétea to make at home and capped it all off with a #spicedchai from #vivalavegan on the way home! #GreatRide, #GreaterFriends, #DeliciousDrinks. ☺️ I am a happy man today.

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